Start is a flat ui, gestured based alarm clock and stopwatch app by Tack Mobile. Right now you can’t wake up to music, but I think they are planning on it in the future. Right now you can wake up to various sounds provided in the app and then set the app to open another app (Rdio, Path, Facebook, etc), once the alarm has gone off.

The app boasts a slick & flat-ish UI, something I’m sure will catch Mikhail’s eye. It uses brightly blended colors throughout all the screens and is very spiffy in its animations. Start focuses heavily on gestures and taps for all the actions in the app. Primarily an alarm clock app, it’s very easy to set up alarms using a few simple taps and swipes. You can set up to 6 custom alarms, each with its own tune and theme. A gorgeous gradient fills up the screen’s background with a radial clock in the center. You can rotate the dial (anti)clockwise to set the alarm and swipe up to activate it. A timer at the bottom shows you exactly how much time is left before the alarm fires. You can pinch an alarm to delete it. (via Beautiful Pixels>

(originally published on thoughtbrain)