My Nexus 7 started as an impulse purchase and ended up a guilty pleasure. Ever since the tablet arrived in a box on my doorstep I’ve been cheating on my iPad like someone on an overly-prescriptive fad diet would sneak half a bag of Cheetos at three in the morning.

It all started back in June when I stumbled across a video interview in which Matias Duarte, wearing a shirt at once profoundly tacky and mesmerizing, explained to Joshua Topolsky of the Verge that the Nexus 7 would fill a void in my life and make me a better person.

The size of a paperback book, the tablet would make it easier to read in bed or on an airplane. It looked plastic and cost $199, meaning that I wouldn’t worry so much about dings and scratches as it jockeyed for position in my enormous and chronically overloaded purse. They were even throwing in a $25 Google Play store credit. It was all too much.

As I filled out the pre-order form I found myself rationalizing. “This is for work.” I said. “I’m buying this tablet to learn how to make better Android apps.” And finally, “it’s a write-off.”

So that brings me to now, after a couple of weeks with the Nexus 7: I love it. Perhaps I love it because I NEED to love it, but I suspect the real reason is that it’s a great product. The material on the back is dimpled like Shirley Temple, soft, and a bit grippy, meaning that it won’t slide off a table or slip out of your hands. The screen doesn’t dim enough for my purposes because I like to read at night with the lights off but that’s a minor offense. The form factor matters so much more than I thought it would – even taking into account the fact that the smaller size was most of why I decided to purchase a Nexus 7 in the first place.

There’s a part of me that wonders if I have lost all impulse control and will acquire a third tablet if the fabled iPad mini comes out in September. And there’s a part of me that already knows the answer to that.

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(originally published on BAD YEWEX)