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10 Steps to Prototyping with POP

Over the years I’ve spent a not inconsiderable amount of time helping to choreograph enormous, complicated, expensive systems so that specific groups of human beings can derive benefit from them. And whether the end product of those efforts was a multistory building or an app running on a mobile device, one of the best ways to figure out how all the parts and pieces should fit together has been to build a tiny, simple, cheap …

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Using Prototypes to Communicate Concepts Faster and More Awesome

Prototyping is used as a quick and dirty way to flesh out an idea or test out an issue that you don’t know the answer to. There’s lots of different ways you can prototype ranging from stop motion animations using paper to flash animations to actual prototyping software. I first started with paper prototyping on a new project with my co-worker & UX Strategist, Alli Dryer. We wanted to find a good layout for existing …

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Field Test prototyping app: Turning images into mobile prototypes

I’ve previously mentioned Field Test in my big list of UI/UX links. I’ve gotten really familiar with it after relying heavily on it for the last project I just finished. This prototyping tool worked best for me because the support of gestures and the ability to build both iPhone and iPad prototypes. (It also supports some Android and Windows 8.) Field Test out of beta now, so anyone can get an account. I highly recommend …

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