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XOXO :: The Andy’s love letter to the internet

Imagine a place where you are surrounded by the internet, but IRL. Imagine all of these people who have the best intentions, excitement and passion but without the snark. This is what XOXO Fest felt like. Andy Baio (@waxypancake) and Andy McMillan (@goodonpaper) put together something out of love of what they do and the things they enjoy. When I saw Andy Baio’s original tweet about XOXO Fest, I knew that this was going to …

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All My Love, XOXO

‚ÄčImagine a situation where two kind and brilliant people named Andy stop everything they’re doing in order to invite 400 friends and strangers over for a four-day party. Perhaps their goal is to celebrate and connect people working independently in arts and technology. Possibly they want to share their city of Portland with people who will probably like it very much. And maybe they decide that the party’s theme should be (and I really need …

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