One of the most frustrating things for me is working without my large 27″ cinema display that I’ve grown so accustom to. I press my face right up to the screen to move things pixel by pixel. When I’m traveling or just feel like getting away from my desk for a bit, my working screen space decreases to a really sad state of my 15″ laptop with my tools taking up 30-40% of the area.

I’ve always dreamed about a roll up, portable monitor that I can take with me, little did I know, it was in my possession the whole time. Let me tell you how the Air Display App (by Avatron) is going to change my life. It’s a little pricey for a usual app at $10, but for how much use I’m going to get out of it, I’m more than happy to pay the developer.

Air Display works similar to the remote screen viewing apps like LiveView or XScope, where you have one app on your device and one on your mac and they talk to each other over wifi. Good news for Windows and Android users is that it works on those operating systems too. You can turn any tablet, phone or even another computer into a second monitor. You can even still use touch on those devices or weirdly see your mouse travel over to your iPad.

The only problems I encountered was that I had to make sure that I changed the settings through Air Display preferences that unchecked “Use Retina resolutions when available” cause it made my photoshop tools on my retina iPad really really tiny. But I could see it being helpful if I needed to keep a bunch of comps up on the screen, I’d have alot of room for them. The other problem was that my iPad was defaulted as my main monitor, but a quick change in the display preferences fixed that problem as well.

(originally published on thoughtbrain)