We are a computational unit made out of two brains.
We are much more than the sum of our parts.
We are pixel perfect.
We are never going to run out of ideas.
We are fearless (except tiny winged insects scare us a little).
We are badass international business women.
We are Alli and Jenni.

Who is Alli?

UX Strategist
BAD YEWEX | CAPPTIVATE | TWITTER: @allidryer | APP.NET: @allidryer

Born in northern California on a Wednesday, Alli went on to graduate from the University of Virginia School of Architecture, becoming a licensed Architect before realizing that she’d rather concentrate on digital design than buildings. A Senior Interaction Designer at Idean, Alli conspires with designers and developers to build amazing interactive experiences for a wide range of clients.

Apps: A&E Watch Apps (iPhone), AARP (iPhone), Bravo Now (iPhone/iPad), CNN (iPhone/iPad), Food Network In the Kitchen (iPad), Nielsen Media-Sync (iPhone/iPad), The Weather Channel (Android).

Interests: rowing, solid-state lighting, 3D printing, the great Pacific garbage patch, high-strength concrete, fog, App.net, the third dimension, aquariums, frozen yogurt, Australia, playing the ukelele, and writing.

Who is Jenni?

UI Designer
PORTFOLIO | THOUGHTBRAIN | TWITTER: @thoughtbrain | APP.NET: @thoughtbrain

Jenni originally hails from Texas and is a freshly planted San Francisco newbie. She’s designed a multitude of mobile apps, 2 of which have been inducted into the Apple Hall of Fame. Gifted with mad kerning skills, Jenni also has a highly curious mind & spends her time trying to merge with the Internet. Jenni is currently a Senior UX Designer at TidePool, a game based psychology app. She likes to call herself “Mayor of Awesometown” and “International Business Woman,” neither of which has been disputed.

Apps: TidePool (iPhone), Food Network: In the Kitchen (iPhone & iPad), A&E HISTORY The Civil War Today (iPad), CNN (iPhone, iPad), Wake Up – powered by Rdio (iPhone), Annoying Orange: Kitchen Carnage (iPhone, iPad), Bravo’s Top Chef (iPhone, Android), Fuel Finder (Android), Bottle Rocket Shop Rocket (iPhone, iPad)

Interests: screen & letterpress printing, leisurely bike riding, ruining her eardrums, and the Internet.